About Us

Pramank is all about celebrating love for handmade products. In times when we talk about saving every nano second through automation and artificial intelligence, we take pride in bringing you exquisite handcrafted products, which take weeks of dedicated work & craftsmanship and require skills that can’t be learned at a school or over internet but can only be passed over generations.

Pramank has been setup with the idea of giving designers and craftsmen an uncluttered, simplified platform dedicated only for handcrafted products that would help them reach out to the right customers worldwide. We believe in empowering sellers do what they love and help buyers find what they love, creating an ecosystem that helps in keeping commerce human.  

To help us though this journey, we are powered by a passionate and energetic team that has over 20 years of experience in e-commerce and retail domain and more importantly lots of love for handmade products.