Indo Western Fusion Dress Design Ideas

Indo western Fusion Dress Designs

It’s the age of mix and match, especially when it comes to clothing. Many fashion influencers these days emphasize on having a capsule wardrobe which essentially means having a wardrobe with only 37 items of clothing that you apply ‘permutations and combinations’ to. This means getting creative with the stuff that you have and giving a modern look to the traditional apparels you own. So to help you out, here are some innovative Indo western fusion dress designs that should up your dressing game.

Best 5 Indo western fusion dress design ideas:

1) Block Printed Kurta with Knotted Shirt

Block Printed Kurta with Knotted Shirt

Time to get your father’s plain old shirt out of the closet and wear it with a stunning Block Printed Cotton Kurta. You could let the shirt flow freely or tie it up in a knot for that funky look that is sure to turn some heads. A cheap yet trendy way to reuse old shirts lying around and give a new life to them.

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2) Floral kurta with shorts

Instead of lowers or leggings, why not go for shorts? Put on some sunglasses and Kohlapuris with a White Kurta. The attire works well both as a casual wear and for parties.

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3) Traditional blouse with plain skirt

Traditional blouse with plain skirt

It’s okay to bend the rules once in a while and forego the traditional lehenga set. Match your ‘jhatak’ blouse with a plain white skirt, to balance out the traditional and the western. The attire incorporates breeziness in classical clothing.

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4) Chiffon dress with ethnic jacket

Chiffon dress with ethnic jacket

This look, although controversial, is followed by many. And there’s no harm in trying something new. So try out this attire with a light coloured chiffon dress and an ethnic jacket.

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5) Glossy Saree with Velvet Jacket

Glossy Saree with Velvet Jacket

This pairing is something that school teachers have been doing since before it was cool. So now that it's finally in style, put on a Shimmering Glossy Saree and style it with a Velvet Jacket. You can also accessorize with some traditional earrings to take your fusion game up a notch.

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