Best Sunday Outfit Ideas

Best Sunday Outfit Ideas

Ah the bittersweet Sunday! The day that makes you go “Thank God” in the morning and “Oh No” at night. It’s the day we wait for, for days. It’s also the day that’s over in a blink. But Sundays can be more than that. It’s the day you finally get your ‘Me’ time. You could choose to recharge by staying in or going out and socializing. And if you feel like being fancy and going brunching out with friends and family, do that. Also don’t forget to look your best and slay the day. To help you out, check out some chic brunch outfit ideas for Sunday that are sure to make you look your best.

1. White Blue Embroidered Chiffon Dress with Cotton Slip

White Blue Embroidered Chiffon Dress with Cotton Slip
This breezy outfit is perfect for a Sunday outing. Complementing the Sunday weather, it surefire captures your confidence and keeps you looking fresh all day. This floral dress has multi layers with prints all over along with highlighted sequin and ceramic beads embroidery on yolk part. It also comes with cotton slip. Pair this dress with some cute slip-ons to really make your attire pop out.

2. Lime Embroidered Bamber Silk Jumpsuit

Lime Embroidered Bamber Silk Jumpsuit

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In complete contrast with the previous outfit, this is for those who don’t like complementing the weather around them or worry about blending in. They have their own style and carry it bold. This lime green jumpsuit with subtle hand embroidery and feather fringes on the neckline is perfect for them. It’s also a perfect pick for destination weddings and cocktails. One of the boldest brunch outfit ideas in my opinion.

3. White Pink Hand Block Printed Crop Top

White Pink Hand Block Printed Crop Top

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You can’t go wrong with a crop top. Especially with the one with pom pom trim and handblock printed curly cue flower. It’s simple yet elegant. Simply pair it with some high waisted pants and you’re ready for your brunch date. Don’t forget to bring the whole look together with your confidence.

4. Red - Blue Block Printed Cotton Dress

Red - Blue Block Printed Cotton Dress

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Don’t you just love an outfit that takes literally seconds to drape? Perfect for those who don’t get out of the bed till the last minute. Just throw on this lovely dress and get ready for your brunch date. Clearly one of the simplest brunch outfit ideas.

Weekends should be about resetting and recharging yourself for the next week. Not about worriedly waiting for it. So relax, breathe, give yourself the break you deserve with these brunch outfit ideas. Let your outfits define you and not some ongoing trend.